June 23, 2015


Campus supports  missions domestically and globally. Some of our current missions include:


Ukraine Missions (Bill Wharton)

While the war in Ukraine continues, our efforts to feed destitute children also continue. We are providing breakfast to about 170 children in grades 1-4, and 180 children in grades 5-11 are given lunch each school day. For the past 100 years, orphans have been fed by the government, but now there is nothing for them. We were begged by the teachers to provide meals, and we are doing that. Your personal contributions provide many of these meals. Please contact Bill Wharton for more information about the mission. There is a way you can help!

  • Central & South American Missions in Panama and Nicaragua (Ramon Osejo)
  • Missionaries    

NICARAGUA, Juan Melecio Silva

Nicaragua                                              Nicaragua children


PANAMA, Gonzalo Salinas

services in Nicaragua


Salinas Family

Church meeting in Panama

Church meeting in Panama

UKRAINE, Victor Samoylov Dzerzhinsk

victor-and-galina-samoylovs-toretsk-ukraine                                                church                                                               ukrainecongregation2015


  • St Francis meals: Cherise Bartley
  • International Student Furniture Giveaway: Bryan Pierce
  • See:  Missional Communities

If you would like to more information about any of these missions,  please use the drop down tabs for each mission.  If you would like to find out how to get involved contact the church office 378-1471, and you will be directed to the team leader.


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